The future of energy is decentralized

Elemize is the World’s leading platform for residential virtual power plants, energy aggregation, and demand response services. While these terms might seem very technical, they represent nothing else than the way the new electricity systems work.

Energy needs balance

Electricity systems work as long as the electricity produced is always equal to the consumed. A Virtual Power Plant “aggregates” a number of homes, companies or electrical vehicles, letting them participate to electricity markets, balancing the power as needed and earning a profit for each member.

Decentralized balancing is necessary

While in the traditional energy system, balancing services were offered by big polluting power plants, right now these services can be sold by anyone, thus reducing the need for carbon and gas and bringing back the energy’s GDP to all the citizens. When provided by energy consumers instead of producers, these services can be referred to as “demand response” services.

Elemize orchestrates energy communities

Elemize is the leading platform for controlling residential virtual power plants. Our Platform is able to connect to more loads than any other technology in the World and apply local or community strategies that can meet the system requirements and share the profits with all participants.