Top 5 topics at Intersolar 2018

Intersolar Europe 2018, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, just finished. 3 full days of great meetings, exhibitions, conferences and workshops in Munich, Germany. What were the main topics discussed?

Here the top 5:

1 E- Mobility: charging infrastructure implementation and technology

Without a comprehensive and user- friendly charging infrastructure, e-mobility will never get off the ground. Car manufactures, utilities and commercial enterprises are thus investing in their development with state support. And it’s now becoming possible to charge your car while you shop, as supermarket chains install charging stations for customers in their parking lots.

2 Floating PV – the next big thing

Rooftop and ground installations aren’t the only options for solar modules. Developers have now designed systems that can float on channels, lakes or ponds, so that no land is needed for the installation. The floating power plants have not yet prompted a surge of investments, but around 1 GW of capacity has already been installed around the world.

3 Sustainable energy systems for smart cities

More and more cities plan to modernize their infrastructure. They aim to become smart cities by addressing the growing challenges with innovative technologies and improve the quality of life of their citizens at the same time. A sustainable energy supply based on renewable energies is a core component of a smart city and energy companies are now exploring approaches to the integrated design and smart management of sustainable energy systems in cities.

4 Storage projects: already energizing the financial and insurance sector?

Energy storage systems are jostling for space in the market; without them, the energy industry cannot make the transitions to renewables. Innovative storage projects are no longer only available in sizes suitable for household use and storage technology has long been offered in power plant scale. The information service Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that investments in the storage market will reach 103 billion US dollars by the year 2030.

5 How digital infrastructure enables new energy realities

The opportunities and business models in decentralized power generation and energy management would not be possible without the supporting digital infrastructure. Opportunities provided by software services and the role of regulation and innovation in the field of digital energy developments are a hot topic in these days.

This is the one of a series of articles, where we take a look at how energy companies can boost their performances through digital energy. In this series we will discuss:

  • New revenue opportunities in the digital energy era
  • Main struggles with energy monitoring and management software
  • Vertical all in one solutions Vs. Building your own energy software

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