Top 3 features of an asset management software

Not all energy asset management software are created equal. With a vast array of options available, selecting the right one for your organization can feel completely overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, here are the top 3 features you should look for:

1) Integration:

You need to look for a truly integrated asset management solution, which allows you to care for all aspects of your energy asset within one platform. You should be able to add many different local and external data sources, according to those you need and choose a solution that can integrate them smoothly in one place. In fact, a fully integrated software saves hundreds of work hours every year and when it communicates seamlessly, your work runs smoother.

2) Accuracy:

Your energy asset management software must provide and keep accurate data for your company and it also should provide an automated solution. If you’re manually pulling spreadsheets or data reports, you substantially increase the risk of inaccurate records and, corrupted data, or human error.  Furthermore, the data provided by an energy management software allows you to make decisions based on historical information, rather than best guesses. This data enables you to have strategic (rather than reactive) planning – providing an even more profound financial benefit to your company.

3) Customization:

Time is a precious resource. If you’re like most energy asset managers, your time is always in demand, and there just isn’t enough of it to go around. This is why you need an energy management software solution that provides the functionality, efficiency, and support to meet the needs of your organization. In order to be fully efficient, a software should be extremely customizable to fit exactly your needs.


So, now you know what to look for in an energy asset management software but of course, you also need to understand other key aspects. For example, what you really need is a vertical all in one solutions or building your own energy software

This is the one of a series of articles, where we take a look at how energy companies can boost their performances through digital energy. In this series we will discuss:

  • New revenue opportunities in the digital energy era
  • Main struggles with energy monitoring and management software
  • Vertical all in one solutions Vs. Building your own energy software

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