Residential VPP Platform

We built the World’s leading residential virtual power plant platform to disrupt the energy industry of the future.

Through our platform we can:

Put energy prosumers at the core of the electricity system.

Deliver DR and balancing services from thousands of units.

Aggregate the widest range of batteries and appliances.

Apply advanced local and aggregation logics.

Experiment and implement various business model.

Unprecedented interoperability

Different systems speak different languages and have different characteristics. Elemize fixes this mess. Our platform connects to inverters from the cloud or through our local Bamboo device, being able to standardize different protocols and respond to signals in few seconds.

Apply advanced strategies

More and more regulators, distributors and TSO’s are asking for forecasting, demand response, and other regulation services. At the same time, we want to ensure the end user perceives all the benefits of joining a virtual power plant, an energy community or any other forms of energy aggregation. In our cloud we proudly own some of the most advanced algorithms in the energy industry to accomplish all the goals.

A technology for the community

Thanks to our API, our communities integrate with companies and other technology providers to ensure everyone can participate to the energy transition. Elemize provides standard API’s for monitoring and controlling distributed energy resources and energy storage systems. Through our standard DER API, we allow to monitor and control the aggregation of DER’s as a virtual power plant, letting aggregators focus on energy trading and customer journey.