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Integration of alerts on several PV plants

An O&M company with 75 PV plants with a total capacity of 83 MW's had two people looking over 8 different monitoring systems. They needed a way to reduce the effort spent for controlling all the possible problems with the equipment.

With Elemize, the company gathered all the data in a single place. Through a user friendly interface, it was able to set customized alerts to be applied to the whole portfolio, mainly related to the PR level. Any time the PR went below the expected value, the system shows an alert and sends the information to the asset manager.

Fault detection time was shortened, on average, by 40%. One of the two people was promoted to "account manager", thus improving the customer satisfaction. Overall additional profits were 500% the solution costs and the payback was reached within the first month.

Reporting and Monitoring on Windfarms

A generator of renewable power owns 26 plants with a total capacity of 130MW had issues in integrating different monitoring systems after several plants acquisitions. Their focus is on generating reports and getting notification on the turbines malfunctions and managing different manufacturers portfolio.

The asset manager finds all their energy data in one ,safe and stored place. Ready to use and reliable. They set up a report where they could easily find deviations on energy production and addressing automatically the manufacturers in case of malfunctions.

Asset management reports time fell down and they saved up to 5 days per month per each person in the team. They love our product as it helps them to build their own report and get them automatically every time they need it.

Utility Customers Billing

A utility company with few tens of thousands of clients based in northern Italy wasn't able to directly ingest distributor's data to generate customers' bills through their software. An employee spent up to 8 days each month to do that manually.

The energy supply manager created a pipeline to ingest distributor's data. In addition, she created a tariff scheme reflecting the bill structure. The pipeline calculates the monthly expense and send them via API to the billing software.

This automation allowed the manager to stop doing manual organization of consumption data, and instead focus on improving customer experience and designing a better customer portal.



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