Finally, no more Excel nor expensive software

  • Are you also struggling to reduce your operating costs and improve the performance of your energy assets? Elemize gets all your data in one place and lets you connect with the apps for your energy business. Of today and tomorrow.

Enhance your operations, enter new businesses

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Save time and money to get the digital energy services you need.

Integrate all your energy data for free

Say goodbye to dozens OF platforms you are using for monitoring and controlling your energy.

Only pay for the specific services you need

With Elemize you pay only for the individual services you need, for as long as you use them, and without paying for an expensive all in one solution.

Try dozens of applications from the best software companies

Do not lock into long terms contracts. Just try and choose the ones that fit your needs best.

Exploit innovative services for your new business models

Be innovative: monitor and control virtual power plants and energy storage systems. Forecast energy loads and apply machine learning and algorithms to your energy data.

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Bamboo's Device

An intelligent and plug&play device which optimizes the charging and discharging schedule of any ESS.

It allows to save up to 50% on the energy bill and to increase battery lifetime by up to 20%.

It communicates with the inverter of the battery and manages the charging schedule taking into account the production and consumption forecasts.


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