Like a power plant, but made of thousands of connected solar, batteries and appliances

From Italy to Australia, we are building energy communities for people who want to turn their homes into an engine for sustainability. Get independent, step away from polluting generators and bring your energy bills down to zero!

We inter-connect thousands of homes and different appliances.

By doing this, we ensure the electricity system is reliable and can run 100% on solar and wind energy.

We coordinate thousands of homes to participate to energy markets.

By doing this, we share the profits with community members, bringing bills down to zero.

We adapt your consumption to the availability of clean energy.

By doing this, we improve your living comfort with no impact on your family’s habits.

Let your home
take care of our planet.

Leave your email if interested, we will be back to you as soon as we are able to set up a community in your neighborhood. Help us sharing this link with your friends!