Building a VPP, the next business model for distirbuted energies


Virtual Power Plant operators want to provide flexibility to the grid through the use of energy storage systems providing ancillary services. It is a win-win solution that allows to provide several services to the grid such as frequency and voltage regulation and black start services, while still delivering value to the end users. However, they need technologies enabling them to connect all their DERs in the most effective way. On average energy utilities spend 3 years in R&D to integrate all the inverters in their existent environment, because they need to build the whole value chain, including low level abstraction and control systems. They could deliver a single brand VPP, but they know this solution would not be scalable in the future.


Our Open Platform is the tool for VPP operators that want to take 100% control over their assets. It allows to control hundreds of batteries, solar systems and other flexible loads as an aggregate. Elemize provides: 1) the local controller that communicates with any asset, or its firmware that can be embedded on any existing devices; 2) all the cloud services to monitor every system, gather the forecasted baseline, set grid-export set-points in real time, and much more. All the services are provided for each system or the aggregation of them, thus allowing the operator to implement its own power repartition logics between its customers.


Ancillary Service events delivered in 1 year
1 %
R&D costs
+ 1 %
Increased lifetime of the energy storage system

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