Profit margins of utilities are decreasing because more and more people are becoming independent from the grid. One of our partners decided to move into the sale of PV + Energy storage systems. They wanted to take full control of DER's in order to try different operating modes (wholesale prices arbitrage, demand response, demand charge reduction...). Few energy storage system providers offered some functionalities, but they found it risky to rely on a single inverter supplier. Moreover, they knew the system supplier would hardly adapt the control platform to present and future needs.


Elemize delivered a standard interface that allows the company to manage every possible energy storage system the same way. Our solution included 1) The Open Platform that allows our customer to control any energy storage system meeting all possible business models and regulatory frameworks; 2) Pre-built optimization algorithms to reduce wholesale energy costs while keeping the same self-consumption levels; 3) Support in building their Management Portal for traders and their Mobile App for end users.


- 1 %
Customer Churn Rate
1 %
R&D costs
+ 1 %
Trading margin from the portfolio of customers

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