Elemize Platform

Elemize is the easiest solution to manage energy data streams for your specific needs. 100% reliable, 100% customized, you will never waste your precious time on repetitive tasks anymore.

Connect your data

You can add many different local and external data sources, according to those you need

Define processes

Use pre-built algorithms and tools to process the data the way you need it in real time

Get results

Download in your custom format, plot or connect the data to your own apps through our API’s


Seamlessly process your energy data stream, create reports in seconds.

Energy data integration

Ingest real time data coming from inverters, monitoring systems, SCADA, data loggers or via our API's.

• Have the energy data you need on a single screen.

• Set standard alerts for the whole portfolio.

•Add new plants or meters in seconds.

Define processes

Filter data sources, apply the necessary processing, define the output and save the process template.

• Apply custom processing to your energy data.

• Create reports, tables and data streams.

• Choose among pre-built algorithms and plugins


Download the results of the process template in multiple formats or connect them through our API's.

• Integrate your data streams into your apps.

• Download in one click your pre-defined reports.

• Automate exports and reduce manual work.


Keep all the raw data and template data stored and secure, get access whenever you need.

• Store your raw and template data.

• Never loose any more data when migrating.

• Keep track of long term trends.

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