Bamboo: 100% Control over any ESS

Independent inverter controller for energy storage systems that unifies control protocols and allows aggregation, demand response, behind the meter strategies and profit maximization.

  • Make any inverter aggregation ready
  • Apply any kind of local and aggregated strategies
  • Have same controls over different inverters

With any ES inverter,
in every regulatory context...


Participate to demand response programs with any inverter.


Apply peak shaving, load shifting or profit optimization strategies.


Optimize energy trading strategies for virtual power plants.


Profit from offering balancing and other ancillary services.

Open Platform


Exploit a single, easy API to develop your own software.
Let us take care of the protocols.

f a s t

Leverage pre-built analysis, forecasting and microgrid optimization applications.

Bamboo: Leverage Your Knowledge

Define your own energy strategy

a) Portfolio - wide strategies

Bamboo helps maintaining portfolio-wide strategies, controlling sub-samples of the microgrid.

b) Aggregated strategies

Bamboo can implement specific grid interaction strategies for the aggregated ESS’s.

c) Unit specific strategies

Each unit can have a specific strategy according to the type of energy mix and contract.



Forecast and optimization algorithms to help you improve efficiency and reliability.

Any Protocol

Bamboo can both monitor and control any kind of ESS regardless the communication protocol.

Plug and Play

Bamboo can be installed in few seconds via several supported connections


Optimized for any kind of energy storage brand and dimension: residential to to grid level.

Longer Lifetime

Bamboo avoids strategically useless cycles, thus improving the battery lifetime.


Connect any kind of ESS to any software, get access via browser and connect via API’s.

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