our vision

As new technologies for the production, distribution, storage and intelligent consumption of energy are improving and spreading worldwide, energy players needs ways to let them coordinate: our mission is to create the perfect open platform to let them integrate with each other.


who we are

Our team works wonders because we are so different but at the same time manage to work incredibly well together: having different backgrounds, different points of wiev, allows us not to stuck on problems but on solutions we can create.

Niccolò Teodori


Niccolò has more than 3 years as business developer of innovative projects in the clean energy field, and 1 year in the Italian renewable energy association.

Riccardo Gori


Riccardo is an Areonautical Engineer specialized in numerical modelling and optimization. His passion for programming and data science brought him to the digital energy sector.

Luigi Fierimonte


Luigi has been financial analyst in some of the most important energy utilities since 2013 and he is passionate about renewable energy markets and the digital energy environment.

Alberto Saggio


Alberto is an electronic engineer with a very deep knowledge of digital microelectronic systems. After collaborating with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology he worked 4 years at Ericsson R&D conducting architectural studies and developing complex IP blocks.

Marco Molica Colella


Since 2006 More than 8 years working on EU (FP6 and FP7) and national projects as a researcher(including Lectures and Teaching) and as a technical consultant in the fields of aeronautics and wind engineering with a traceable record of publications.

Andrea G. Baldan


Andrea is a graduate computer scientist and tech enthusiast, very passionate coder keen to learning new things and continually improve himself.

Amina Lencioni

Graphic Designer

Amina is a graphic designer and art director junior. She has a passion for photo editing, creation of layouts ui, and anything related to art.

our story

June 2016 – five founders, years of expertise and willingness to grow: that’s how Elemize Technologies came to life.

Niccolò, Riccardo, Luigi and Alberto were all full time working  when they decided to quit their jobs in order to follow their dream: a single platform for Smart Energy!

At that point they had been working for years in several area: renewable energies, electronics and artificial intelligence, so they knew they were the right people to change energy. 

and after a few months...


Elemize (almost) doubled its size thanks to its seed investment: from 4 to 7 in only a few months. 3 more employees in order to gather complementary skills and extraordinary talent.

After winning several challenges and closing deals with some of the most important utilities worldwide, we are now making several installations.

However, this is just the entry point for us.

Elemize started the operations in Australia!

The Australian energy market is the most innovative one in the world with more than 500M€ invested in distributed energy resources.

Elemize is supporting utilities and battery inverters manufacturers to revolutionize the Australian market and take advantage of that incredible opportunity

Headquarters: via A. Saliceti 6, CAP 00153 Rome, Italy
Registered Office: via degli Scipioni 157, CAP 00192 Rome, Italy
Email: info@elemize.com | Phone: +39 0694801141 | VAT: IT14104631008