3 ways to improve the ROI of your energy spreadsheets

You would love to automate your reports, but the already existing platforms are not capable of giving what you want? 

Most energy asset managers are struggling with organizing and processing their data to create periodical reports. These documents are critical for anyone operating in the energy industry and at every level. Thus, asset managers put so much effort in their excel models over the last years, that are now reluctant to say them goodbye.

They would love to automate their reports and cut down the time spent on spreadsheets, but the truth is that even though there are a lot of energy asset management platforms out there, just a few truly allow you to get the data and the reports exactly how they want them. 

Are you one of them? 

Did you invest hours, days or even weeks creating the perfect report that fits your needs? Which works perfectly but at the same time is so time consuming and needs a lot of manual work?

What you need is to find a software which helps run your work smoother, customizable and easy to integrate with what you already created so that you can get the report exactly as you need it.  

Here are a few examples of how you can avoid wasting the time spent on spreadsheet for different kinds of reports: 

Operating report: those that are generated for department level evaluation and budgeting. You currently track all your obligations using Excel and have an internal system that works. Use that data to upload it to a more robust system that will allow you to assign the tasks to individual or roles and set reminders when necessary.

Executive reports: those usually include the high level valuation of the whole portfolio of activities and assets. Find a software which allows you to upload your existing model that you put together in Excel, so you won’t have to trash your hard work.

Customer reports: those are usually addressed to the owners of the power plants and include figures regarding the technical and financial performance of the portfolio. Perhaps there are tracking spreadsheets that you love, and simply cannot move away from. Look for a software that allows you to update it and upload it using the document management tool in the platform that will tie it to a specific portfolio or project. It will allow you to tag it with labels and assign it to specific users or contact.


This is the one of a series of articles, where we take a look at how energy companies can boost their performances through digital energy. In this series we will discuss:

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  • How much time do asset managers waste on spreadsheets?
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