Elemize is going worldwide

Elemize Technologies is an innovative start-up, founded in Rome at the end of 2016 with the aim of giving companies operating in renewable energy the complete control of their energy assets.

After two years of development in Italy, their first round of investment brilliantly completed, numerous challenges won, several pilot tests done with the full support of the most influential European utilities such as Enel, Edison, Sorgenia and Evolvere, Elemize is ready for its next big step: the internationalization of its technology for smart grids.

Beginning in October 2018, Elemize will invest in the Australian market to accelerate its commercial growth and strengthen its leadership in the control of distributed energy around the world.

The choice is obviously not casual. In fact, not only has Australia been more generally inclined towards innovation from an institutional point of view – with more streamlined procedures and full support in investing in innovation – but above all, the country’s electricity market is recognized as extremely interesting. This especially considering the problems of the distribution network and price volatility on the Australian wholesale market:


Last August, in just one month of market exploration, Elemize obtained a potential pipeline of installations equal to 3,000 units. The closure of these contracts would place the company among the global leaders in the control of distributed energy.

Elemize entered the market through partnerships with some of Australia’s largest energy suppliers. These actors have adapted to the needs of the market and need to gain control over the distributed energy to diversify their supply and establish new business models, which include the energy balancing market services and the reduction of distribution costs for end users.

Currently, each storage system has its own way of being controlled locally or remotely. It is necessary to find a standard way for managing the various aggregation platforms in a  consistent way.

Elemize’s technology has proved to be very attractive as it allows companies to obtain a standardized and complete control on any storage system on the market. Contrary to how it is nowadays, thanks to Elemize energy suppliers no longer need to develop their own control platform or rely on closed and unscalable solutions.

Today Elemize is negotiating other two commercial contracts in Italy with the aim of obtaining a new “investment round” within the next 6 months.