Connecting Distributed Energy Worldwide

Any protocol, complete API's. Get 100% control over your portfolio. Improve operations, optimize trading, manage VPP's with your fingertips.


Elemize communicates with any inverter, data logger or monitoring system to offer you a comprehensive view and an control over your entire portfolio of your distributed energy assets. Stop worrying about being locked in a single type of inverter or technology, just focus on the optimization of the system.

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Smart means meeting technical goals and maximize profitability. Elemize has strong data modeling competencies for the analysis and optimization of complex energy systems. From optimizing microgrids to automating analytics, to behind the meter energy trading, Elemize has the numbers you need.


In the new electricity era, coordination and control are key. Even though Elemize supplies and offers its own services and web-based apps, it also provides easy to use APIs to develop and connect any external SW or user interface. Leverage your data and customize your applications by using our infrastructure.

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