Energy Storage Management

Starting from €9/month.

Leverage artificial intelligence and increase the returns from your energy storage system. Being able to communicate with almost every energy storage system in the market, our software optimizes the charging and dischrging schedule, according to the structure of your energy bill and grid feeding prices. In few weeks, Elemize artificial intelligence allows to double the savings from your energy storage system, without changing your consumption habits.

Energy Storage Modeling

Starting from Free.

We analyze past consumption data and your energy bill in order to implement in depth analyses about the savings that you may get with an energy storage system. The analyses include detailed self-consumption and grid independence forecasts, additional energy savings and all the economic forecasts you will need. You will be able to surf on all the data directly from your browser.

Main Benefits

Elemize is the easiest and most intelligent energy storage management solution out there.

Flexible and adaptable

Elemize goes wherever in the world, any kind of behind-the-meter energy storage system is connected to the greater electrical grid. Our software is perfect for residential, commercial and industrial energy prosumers connected to the grid. It also adapts to any regulatory context in any Country in the World.

Maximize returns

Conforming to no pre-set strategy (self-consumption, load shitfing, peak shaving), Elemize automatically maximises end-user and energy distributor profits, learning prices and quantities in real-time and setting the best strategy to apply for the next hours.


Controlling many distributed energy storage systems, Elemize aggregates molecular data in order to offer a platform for utilities and aggregators providing balancing reserves and other grid services at a low cost.