Maximize your savings, optimize your energy storage system.

How It Works

Elemize maximizes the benefits of your energy storage system.

Adapting to your needs

Our machine learning algorithm adapts the storage usage to your habits, the electricity you produce, and the specific bill, to maximize energy savings.

Grid Integration

Elemize allows utilities to leverage distributed energy sources to balance the grid. Always at the benefit of the end-user.

Know your energy

See data and trends of your energy consumption. Compare your emissions and bills with similar users. Learn how to save even more.

Double your savings

All together, Elemize will help you double the economic benefits of your energy storage system. You believed in it. Now make it work at its best for you!


Optimizing distributed energy storage systems
Elemize Technologies - Giving all the Power to Energy Prosumers

Elemize Technologies promotes the transition to a cleaner and fairer electricity systems. Allowing our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of distributed energy sources. We are a team of young energy experts and engineering researchers who have joined in the opportunity of bringing technology from the fourth industrial revolution to the energy sector. Energy users are becoming producers themselves (the so-called "Prosumers"), challenging existing relationships between utilities and their customers. By bringing Data Science, Internet of Things and Machine Learning to each user, we redefine how energy is produced, delivered, and consumed. Allowing the utilities to rethink their role in a new market scenario. We give all power to the energy prosumers.

  • Product

    Italian design, wireless energy monitor and controller.

  • Data Science

    Predicting data and optimizing the energy storage dispatching schedule.

  • Platform

    Aggregation of distributed data and resources.

  • Interaction

    Enabling suggestions and facilitating coordination.

The Team

We are a team of young energy professionals and engineering researchers, who joined the opportunity of bringing the technologies from the fourth industrial revolution into the energy sector.
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Mariassunta di Biasio

Digital Marketing Manager
Mariassunta develops strategies in order to help scale social media and the web. She helps grow profits by creating better content and strategies able to answer the challenges and opportunities of the digital postmodern economy.
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Niccolò Teodori

Niccolò has more than 3 years as business developer of innovative projects in the clean energy field, and 1 year in the Italian renewable energy association.
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Riccardo Gori

Riccardo is a post-doctoral researcher in aeronautical engineering at Roma Tre University. He is a numerical scientist with passion for programming and modeling.
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Luigi Fierimonte

Luigi is financial analyst in the energy sector since 2013 and energy markets passionate. He is currently planning and control in Rome.
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Alberto Saggio

Research & Development
Alberto is an electronic engineer with a very deep knowledge of digital microelectronic systems. He collaborated with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and worked 4 years at Ericsson R&D.
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Marco Molica Colella

Technology Transfer & Business Development
Since 2006 More than 8 years working on EU (FP6 and FP7) and national projects as a researcher(including Lectures and Teaching) and as a technical consultant in the fields of aeronautics and wind engineering with a traceable record of publications.
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Andrea Giacomo Baldan

Software Engineer
Andrea is a graduate computer scientist and tech enthusiast, very passionate coder keen to learning new things and continually improve himself
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Jacopo Parvizi

Data Scientist
Jacopo is a data scientist with expertise in predictive modelling and optimisation. He has a passion for machine learning and statistical methods.

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