The future of energy is not energy

Integrate all your distributed energy data. Get access to the services you need.

Easy data integration, thousands of energy services

Get energy insights like never before

With Elemize, you can analyze all historic data coming from any energy meter or sensor and connect them to external data coming from weather forecasting services, energy market prices and many more.

• In depth production and consumption analytics
• Real time billing and economics
• Discover correlations and inefficiencies
• Create digital copies of your power plants

Reduce business operations costs

Connected to the best asset management applications in the world, Elemize lets you select the ones you need and forget about your excel files.

• Unify contract and task management
• Create reports in seconds
• Predictive and preventive maintenance

Control your (virtual) power plants

Thanks to Elemize IoT capabilities and machine learning algorithms, you get real time control over your energy flows to participate to DR programs or balancing services.

• Easy Virtual Power Plant management
• Guarantee zero imbalance costs
• Schedule optimal energy storage or HVAC behaviour

Maximize the economic performance of your energy

Each of your energy assets has its own economics. With Elemize, you can improve the profitability by optimizing their behavior and exploiting better energy prices.

• Improve trading’s efficiency
• Plan and execute your optimal grid interaction
• Maximize self consumption and optimize energy flows

Innovating in energy has never been so easy

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